What role do doctors have in the promotion of breastfeeding?

What the experts said...

Professor Nicholas Embleton, a neonatal consultant: "Breastfeeding reduces the risk of cot death and infections in infancy, results in better brain growth and IQ in later life, and reduces the risk of death from heart disease, stroke and diabetes in adult life. It also reduces the risk of a range of cancers and osteoporosis in the mother. Breast milk contains thousands of bioactive and neuro-active compounds that will never be replicated by artificial milk formula. It is probably the only  nutritional intervention universally shown to prevent death in high, middle and low-income countries, and the most cost-effective 'treatment' ever studied in the NHS."


Alice, a breastfeeding specialist nurse: "...I'm over the moon at the idea that future doctors may have training and understanding regarding the importance of breastfeeding and how in their role they can support mothers and babies."

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